With big events coming to Singapore such as F1, music concerts and even the hosting of Sea Games in 2015, many are flying down to Singapore for their holidays.

As a traveler myself, i sometimes feel stressed getting to the right destination whenever i am in a foreign land. I remembered going to Tokyo and trying to figure my way through their spider web train system. Plus, they didn't have helpful English information so it added to me an already stressful situation. I don't know if you are like me but it will take me more time & energy to figure a way to get to the destination by myself, leaving me worn out even though i am on holiday.

If you are on holiday and don't wish to be even more tired then, why not hire me as your personal driver?

As a local, i am more familiar with my directions, i know where are the best places to eat local food and whatever special requests you might have that you wish to achieve when you are here in Singapore, i can do it all for you. Not only will it save you time, but you will definitely have a enjoyable holiday.

Prices are as follows:-
2 locations per day - $50
3 locations per day - $90
4 locations per day - $120

All prices are NETT. No additional charges. Advance booking is required. Email me @ buymytimesg@gmail.com today!

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