Sometimes i can't believe how fast time passes esp when you are busy with life and all the things you have to deal with weekly or even daily. It is afterall June now and definitely a good time to do some stock take. 

Here is a photo of me sending flower bouquets to Mothers on Mother's day. This was my 1st time doing something like this, though it was tiring but the looks of surprise and joy on the mother's faces made all the trips i've made all worth it.

Meanwhile, i am thankful for a fruitful 1st half of 2014, for all the people i have met and helped and the different experiences as only an errand runner can have. 

BMT is coming to its 5th year of business this year. Though the process of it was tough (which still currently is), i am still grateful to have this experience in my lifetime. My perspective, my attitude and my character as a person has grown and made me more humbled. Most importantly, i met some of the nicest Singaporeans who have showed me kindness despite my shortcomings. 

Meanwhile, stick around for more blog posts of mine so that you can know what my life and work as a errand runner is like. Thank you once again for your support. Have a great Wednesday ahead!

7/3/2018 10:58:03 pm

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