Joining a marathon can be fun especially when you are either running with friends to bond or just to win the prize money but for whatever reason you join the race for, collection of the race pack can become a hassle especially when you are either overseas or just tied up with work or family.

Distance can also be waste of time for some people who don't wish to travel all the way to town just to collect the pack.

Recently, i helped a customer of mine to collect his race pack as he wasn't able to collect it himself. This saves him alot of trouble plus he didn't need to miss his race.

What a good opportunity to help someone once again.

Received a special request from a mother who wasn't able to attend her daughter's performance in school and asked for my help to attend and film it!

Indeed this is my first time doing it and i am glad to be part of it. Mirelle is a talented and confident child who was doing 3 different types of performance for her class that day.

I was very impressed with her ability to do so much. She did singing, dancing and even acting in a skit. It is amazing what kids can do these days.

Once again, i thank her mother, Michelle for the opportunity and an experience for me to go into a school to see what our next generation of Singaporean kids are directed to. Indeed a pleasure task to be working for.