Sometimes i can't believe how fast time passes esp when you are busy with life and all the things you have to deal with weekly or even daily. It is afterall June now and definitely a good time to do some stock take. 

Here is a photo of me sending flower bouquets to Mothers on Mother's day. This was my 1st time doing something like this, though it was tiring but the looks of surprise and joy on the mother's faces made all the trips i've made all worth it.

Meanwhile, i am thankful for a fruitful 1st half of 2014, for all the people i have met and helped and the different experiences as only an errand runner can have. 

BMT is coming to its 5th year of business this year. Though the process of it was tough (which still currently is), i am still grateful to have this experience in my lifetime. My perspective, my attitude and my character as a person has grown and made me more humbled. Most importantly, i met some of the nicest Singaporeans who have showed me kindness despite my shortcomings. 

Meanwhile, stick around for more blog posts of mine so that you can know what my life and work as a errand runner is like. Thank you once again for your support. Have a great Wednesday ahead!

Happy new year everyone! Hope that 2014 has been going on well for you.

With all the festives that have come and go, BMT is thankful that all is well and looking forward to serve more people this year.

Meanwhile, was thinking about the word 'TRUST' and how most of my services are built on trust between myself and my customers. I am thankful that over the years, i have build trust with most of my customers as some have chosen to take up my services and pay more for my reliable services. 

Though some may think that my charges maybe a little uneconomical but what you are paying for is reliable, honest and good service which most agree is one of the most important things in business.

Building once again on my services this year and hoping that more people will find errand runners helpful in their lives. Happy new year to all my customers!

This is a picture of a delivery i made for a boyfriend who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with her craving as she was having a hard day and can't leave her work to buy it.

Indeed it is always a good gesture to give someone a surprise esp when the person least expects or suspects. Ha...

If you know of a friend who needs a cheer or pick me up, do surprise him/her with something special even if it is just a small gesture like getting their favorite drink/food, you never know that you are able to turn their frown into a smile.


With big events coming to Singapore such as F1, music concerts and even the hosting of Sea Games in 2015, many are flying down to Singapore for their holidays.

As a traveler myself, i sometimes feel stressed getting to the right destination whenever i am in a foreign land. I remembered going to Tokyo and trying to figure my way through their spider web train system. Plus, they didn't have helpful English information so it added to me an already stressful situation. I don't know if you are like me but it will take me more time & energy to figure a way to get to the destination by myself, leaving me worn out even though i am on holiday.

If you are on holiday and don't wish to be even more tired then, why not hire me as your personal driver?

As a local, i am more familiar with my directions, i know where are the best places to eat local food and whatever special requests you might have that you wish to achieve when you are here in Singapore, i can do it all for you. Not only will it save you time, but you will definitely have a enjoyable holiday.

Prices are as follows:-
2 locations per day - $50
3 locations per day - $90
4 locations per day - $120

All prices are NETT. No additional charges. Advance booking is required. Email me @ buymytimesg@gmail.com today!
Joining a marathon can be fun especially when you are either running with friends to bond or just to win the prize money but for whatever reason you join the race for, collection of the race pack can become a hassle especially when you are either overseas or just tied up with work or family.

Distance can also be waste of time for some people who don't wish to travel all the way to town just to collect the pack.

Recently, i helped a customer of mine to collect his race pack as he wasn't able to collect it himself. This saves him alot of trouble plus he didn't need to miss his race.

What a good opportunity to help someone once again.

Received a special request from a mother who wasn't able to attend her daughter's performance in school and asked for my help to attend and film it!

Indeed this is my first time doing it and i am glad to be part of it. Mirelle is a talented and confident child who was doing 3 different types of performance for her class that day.

I was very impressed with her ability to do so much. She did singing, dancing and even acting in a skit. It is amazing what kids can do these days.

Once again, i thank her mother, Michelle for the opportunity and an experience for me to go into a school to see what our next generation of Singaporean kids are directed to. Indeed a pleasure task to be working for.

Room moving can be daunting task especially for foreigners who comes to Singapore to either study/work but have no one to turn to for help. Help can be costly too especially when you hire professional movers.

Recently, i have been helping some ladies who needed help in the shifting from their rental rooms. I must say that it is not easy but i am glad that i was able to help them solve their logistics problems of transportation & affordable pricing that they can enjoy as well.

Looking forward to any one who needs help to transport their smaller courier needs in the future. Do email me for quotes

As the nation braved the bad haze last week, i, personally was braving my way around & into the haze.  Despite the harsh weather, i was still working (like many other Singaporeans)

Last week, i was queuing up to collect & deliver prescribed medicine for my customer's grandmother. Over that 1 hour that i was there, i see people queuing up in long straight rows just to purchase mask.

Meanwhile, i am glad i was able to help my customer with this errand. 

As you already know, the 2 major stores that opened its doors to Singaporeans recently is Tim Ho Wan & Laduree. Like most Singaporeans, we love to queue for the new and the delicious. We do anything for food. 

After since bubble tea provided delivery services, my queuing tasks has since became non-existent but the launch of Laduree has given new jobs to queue but for customers who aren't able to queue or unwilling to spend time to queue.